Embrace your fetish!


Some people have a fetish for feet. Others for hands. But what, exactly, is a fetish? Technically, a fetish is defined as an unusual interest—some would probably describe it as an obsession—with a thing, a habit or a practice, a person, or a particular body part. The term is most commonly used in a sexual sense, although it can also be used in a non-sexual context, as when someone is obsessively interested in a hobby, or a sport. But the sexual use of the term is the more common one.

One truth about fetishes: there are as many different types of fetishes as there are personality types. Each person gets turned on by a different thing. Some people would find having a fetish weird or disturbing (a fetish is usually something that deviates from the norm) but to others, they’re perfectly normal. Well, to each his own, you know?

Some people are attracted to certain physical features: hair color, height, large breasts or a boyish figure. That’s not a problem, either. There are so many beautiful Australian escorts and New Zealand escorts in Langtrees escort directory that you can find someone who fulfills your fantasy. Aside from the photos our ladies post on their profile, you can read their escort profile for more details.

One of the most common fetishes is podophilia, or a fetish for feet. Someone with podophilia would be unusually attracted to the size, or shape of the feet, or even how clean (or not) they are (yes, some people do get turned on by that). Another common fetish is for the hands and fingers. These may include actions performed with them.

One can also have a fetish for a certain place to have sex. That includes having sex in public places, or places where you would normally not consider having sexual intercourse, like a living room or laundry room or even outdoors. Hiring an Australian escort or New Zealand escort and the idea of having sex with a stranger in an unusual place can or would be considered a fetish by some people. The added element of danger and the mystery of the unknown is what makes it more thrilling for them.

People can also develop a fetish for certain types of material—silk sheets, rubber, leather, even feathers, or modes of dress, like high heels, or short skirts. Many escorts will accomodate requests for what you want them to wear during a booking.

The important thing to remember is that as far as fetishes are concerned, the rule should be, “anything goes”. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.

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