Sex protects you from prostate cancer!


The best thing you can do to lower your risk for prostate cancer may be to have more sex. Canadian scientists who surveyed over 3,200 men discovered that those who have sex with more than 20 women (as opposed to just one partner) have a 28 lower risk of developing the dreaded disease. The study also implied that those who had slept with even more than 20 had less chances of being diagnosed with the more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. The study was reviewed and published by the medical journal Cancer Epidemiology.

That doesn’t mean you need to sleep around with different women if you don’t want to. If you’re happy with one partner, or have a few favourite escorts that you love to see, then by all means enjoy their company. The study simply reinforces other research that frequent ejaculation helps keep your prostate healthy. The science is that cancer is strongly linked to cell inflammation, and when your pipes don’t get cleaned a lot, inflammatory cells accumulate in the seminal vesicles near the prostate gland. So have a lot of sex. Consider it doctor’s orders.

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