Snuggling in the nude is good for your health

sleeping in nude

Now that winter’s over, and the weather’s warmer, we can skip the flannel pajamas and sleep naked. There are many reasons to junk your jammies (aside from the fact that you have less laundry to worry about).

Sleeping nude promotes intimacy. There is something about spooning naked. A study by Cotton USA found that couples who slept nude were happier in their relationship and felt closer to each other. It’s often verified by psychologists. “In this age of social media, where most of our interactions even with closest friends and family are online, we are getting less and less one-on-one contact and touch. The intimacy of being naked and close to somebody else satisfies an emotional need that is rarely met,” says Dr. Danielle Thorn.

Besides, being cold is a good excuse to snuggle up and get extra body warmth!

There are numerous benefits to naked skin to skin contact. Many pediatricians and neonatologists tell parents to hold their preemies against their bare chest. The babies tend to grow faster, and get sick less. This is true for adults, too. The snuggling boost your immune system. The adrenal glands lower their production of the stress hormone cortisol, which suppresses the immune system (that’s why you often get sick when you’re stressed). It also produces more oxytocin, which improves blood pressure levels and hastens healing.

For those struggling with insomnia, snuggling in the nude can also increase your core body temperature, which will put your body (and mind) in the mood for sleep.

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