The Top 5 sexual positions for men with back problems


It’s a fact that as people age, they start feeling aches and pains everywhere—and one of the most susceptible areas of the body is the back, particularly the lower back since it’s the one that carries all the weight.

Back pains are very common and when severe, can get in the way of pursuing your normal activities. Even walking or simple things, like playing sports or sitting down enjoying simple conversation or dinner (with an Australian escort or a New Zealand escort), can become difficult when back pains strike. It’s hard to enjoy almost anything when back pains are bothering you

Most of all, back pains can also affect the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. It is suggested that if you feel back pains—and if they increase in severity—then you should get them checked out immediately, because if back pain is used as an excuse for not having sex, it can seriously damage a relationship. However, here are a few things that might help: the top five sexual positions you can take if back pains bother you. These will minimize back pains and, hopefully, maximize your enjoyment.

The forward bend

Bending forward is always helpful for people with back pain because it “stretches” or “flexes” the spine and sort of “irons” it out. Pain is immediately eased when we bend forward. Having sexual activity in this position may bring immediate relief.

Lying down, or sitting down

Clearly, a position in which the back is supported by a bed or chair can be most beneficial during sex. Just make sure that the mattress or chair cushion is firm and that the back is fully supported. The addition of pillows to support the knees is another option to consider and may make you feel even more comfortable.

On your knees

Yes, a kneeling position (in which you enter your partner from behind) can help make back pain sufferers feel better. Being on all fours means the weight is better distributed (and not just concentrated on one or two areas), and can relieve back pains.

On the side

Researchers have found that when both partners are lying on their left side—often referred to in books and magazines as spooning—it can help deal with back pain. It’s not an ideal position, but at least it’s an option that could help reduce pain.

Pillow power

Sometimes putting a small pillow underneath your back can help ease back pain felt during sex.

So there. See which one of these five positions best works for you during sex. Remember, sex is supposed to make you feel good, and not make you feel more or worse pain. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, without back pains getting in the way. Share these tips with your partner , whether it’s at your next booking with an Australian escort or New Zealand escort, or someone interesting you met at a party! Whoever it’s with, the thing is to be able to enjoy the experience.

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